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thanks for joining us it is 6:00, i'm kristen sze. and i'm eric thomas. trouble on the roads this morning. we have a "sig alert" 101 north coming into san francisco at candlestick, pick up slammed into the back of a garbage truck that caught on fire two right lanes are blocked northbound into san francisco. let's look at the traffic app, your waze app backing towards bay shore beautiful, heavy northbound, accident once again -- before candlestick park two right lanes you might
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want to consider 280 good alternate in the clearing process you can download this app that navigate around the accident on the appear store and google play. -- good morning. big story this morning, we have fog live doppler picking up mainly clear air in the north bay valleys we have the fog now. this is starting to slide a little out of the north so move across the san pablo bay towards east bay shoreline we'll keep track of that for you and let you know if that happens over the next couple of hours. today low to upper 70s at the coast, wouldn't be surprised if we have a few 80s there, low to mid 80s bay, low to upper 80s inland warmest temperatures in the north bay valleys. we'll talk about those records in a few minutes. 6:01.
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developing news out of fremont police on the scene of deadly shooting, involving two officers and domestic violence suspect. investigators say officers shot and killed a 37-year-old man after he refused to drop a knife the man was naked and chasing his wife on the street with the knife. it started around 11:00 last night on central avenue in fremont. police say it was the victim's roommate who called 911 to report the tax. -- report attack. seven boaters including very young children are recovering from hypothermia following an incredible rescue off the marin county coast. >> reporter: it is remarkable that those three adults and four children are uninjured. we have video from the turn of events yesterday, 25 foot pleasure craft overturned. this video picks up the scene after a sheriff's helicopter had rescued three adults and
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two children who had been clinging to the hull. people watched in awe from the shore. the mission was far from over, two more children were trapped in the cabin which was quickly filling with water. >> they made contact with the to victims inside the boat both were young children. they were communicating through the hull, they were about 200 yards offshore. ascertained they were alive and talking. >> reporter: emergency crews towed the boat to shore with the to trapped children inside the cabin. -- the two trapped children inside the cabin. one child emerged wet otherwise appearing to be okay minutes later the second child emerged. they and rest of the group were taken to the hospital as a precaution. the fire department says none of the people on the boat were wearing a life vest when rescued taking that into account the fire department
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adds it is a very happy ending. kira klapper, abc7 news. 6:04. >> authorities continuing to find damage caused by superstorm sandy. this morning, disney and abc are teaming up with the red cross for a day of giving to help victims. amy hollyfield joins us live from san francisco to show how you can help. >> reporter: think about what your money could go toward. you can help them buy blankets, they are going to need 80,000 during this disaster at the shelters everybody gets a could the and blanket there's 120 three shelters open now, every child -- there's 123 shelters open now. every child gets a -- it is not just cash they need. you guys have another dire need that people can give. >> storm cancelled over 360
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red cross blood drives in the last week or so there's a critical need for blood. if someone has already given a cash donation they may want to consider a blood donation, a gift that will save a life. the best thing to do is make appointment ahead of time by going to and that will go a long way. >> reporter: you have volunteers already if from the bay area on the ground helping about 100. -- we know they will help the victims, you anticipate they will help our bay area chapters. >> absolutely the 100 or so are gaining experience in the field, helping a lot of clients on a large scale operation. they will bring back that expertise to the bay area, if the time came when we had our own needs they will have that much more experience. >> reporter: volunteers are there but you need blood and cash from us many thank you so much. if you are worried that your money can't make that big of a
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difference, consider if you give $10, that can buy three blankets, that would help three people, very much, help them wrap up and feel warmth during these very tough times. that's why abc has decided to team up with the red cross and help out, calling it a day of giving. if you can give, it could mean so much. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> more on the day of giving. disney kicking it off with two million dollar donation to the american red cross. samsung matching contributions up to three million dollars. help by texting abc to 90999 to give $10 to the relief effort. you can call 1-800-help-now or go online to >> some of our colleagues are manning that hotline, you might talk to barbara walters or chris cuomo, they are standing by, so join us. traffic and weather together, next on the abc7
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morning news. here's a live look outside, see that sun getting ready to rise in the east, also continuing to follow a "sig alert" on 101 we'll check in with sue hall. and meteorologist mike nicco has your forecast. facebook wants to teach its users something new. the lesson the website is$x
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good morning. "sig alert" in san francisco north 101 at candlestick park two right lanes blocked pick-up truck slammed into the back of garbage truck and caught on fire. this is your waze app traffic bagging towards bay shore boulevard, major accident, "sig alert" in effect -- you might want to consider 280 looking good. elsewhere to the bay bridge toll, metering lights on, traffic backing past overcrossings early early stall lane 6, still a stall at the s-curve westbound very heavy on the bay bridge this morning. latest visibilities have improved novato up to 10 miles, napa up to three. santa rosa is where the heart of the fog is where it going to below visibility throughout your morning commute. storm track well north, look at the winds blowing offshore that land breeze bringing us record high temperatures
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asterisks where a record high is going to be set today. mid to upper 70s to near 80 coast, low to mid 80s bay, low to mid 80s east bay valleys, mid to upper 80s in the north bay valleys, even warmer to the south around the monterey bay, 84 monterey, 85 morgan hill, everybody else flirting with 90 tomorrow record highs possible once again, temperatures drop wednesday wetter thursday. prince charles and his wife camilla are down under for a six day tour of australia they landed earlier today after a quick stop in new guinea. the six-day tour will include stops in several cities part of the queen's diamond jubilee celebration. following the visit they are set to travel to new zealand. facebook is giving new user to the site a feworial on
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privacy settings, this -- to the sight a feworial on privacy settings. facebook rolled out the tutorial on friday. still ahead, we'll go live to romney campaign headquarters in boston for the mad dash both candidates have. the last minute push presiden
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we got everybody covered today withly doppler 7 hd
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which is quiet, picking up dry air we have fog in the north bay valleys, record high temperatures, that in jut a few minutes. -- your voice, your vote only one day left, president obama is bringing out star power before americans go to the polls. the president campaigned in ohio last night, the tate that many say will likely determine -- the state that many say will likely determine who wins. top celebrities will be out like brews springsteen, lady gaga and jay-z. romney campaign is focusing on voter turn out. -- >> reporter: good morning. today is the final day of campaigning. both sides think they can win. president obama is focused on three crucial midwest states. mitt romney hits up four states today. mitt romney is closing the campaign promising voters
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bipartisanship and real change. >> i'll indeficienter to find good men and women on -- old sides of the aisle who care more about the country than about politics. >> reporter: with polls showing the race a dead heat romney campaign focused on turnout, volunteers call a list of voters they believe lean republican, others knock on doors in search of people still undecided. >> i haven't made up my mind yet. >> reporter: romney campaign believes strength with independents are will carry them to victory without ohio romney's path to victory is difficult that's why he's making a late play for pennsylvania traditionally democratic turf. the president focuses on three states, iowa, wisconsin and ohio. if mr. obama can win these three states that will give him one more electoral vote than needed to win a second term. mitt romney holds final campaign vento night in
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new hampshire he will be joined by his wife and kidd rock after that he heads here to boston. tahman bradley, abc7 news. >> you mentioned pennsylvania has traditionally leaned democratic why this last minute push by romney there? >> reporter: if mitt romney wins pennsylvania it dramatically changes the map. pennsylvania is not a state that romney has to win, but a state that president obama has to win. if romney loses ohio, he needs to pick up another big state, right now the romney campaign senses they have momentum with independents and republican enthusiasm can carry them to victory in pennsylvania. bill clinton is headed thereed to -- there today to campaign, obvious sign democrats are not taking chances the president still does maintain a slim lead in pennsylvania.
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monday night football is going political on this final day of the campaign. both president obama and mitt romney are taping interviews that will air at halftime during tonight's game. espn's chris berman is conducting the interviews four years ago he tacked to -- he talked to then senator obama and mccain. we will work around the clock to bring you up to the minute election results tomorrow, 3 p.m. join us for a special edition of abc7 news, live reports from the obama and romney headquarters. 3:30, world news followed by live election coverage from abc news at 4 p.m., 8:00 more bay area results from abc7 news followed by abc news returning with primetime election coverage at 8:30. remember, you can get up to the minute election results on our website,
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on the east coast some folks not sure where they will be resulting as a result of sandy. in the bay area election day weather couldn't be better. >> stand out side maybe take a fan the sun is going to be hot so are the temperatures. good morning, record highs today as we look at the clean air from mount sutro towards mount diablo. clear air everywhere a little fog nestled into the valleys in the north bay watch pout for that 48 santa rosa, 47 fairfield, everybody else in the 50s, 60 fremont, san francisco and half moon bay latest temperatures. 63 santa cruz. record highs possible today and tomorrow. clear and comfortable at night, cooler wednesday, wet thursday possibly showers into friday. everybody three to seven
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degrees warmer than yesterday, that's where we will have record highs. let's take a trip around the bay, 83 san jose, 84 mountain view, mid to upper 70s along the coast, 81 downtown san francisco record highs. 84 san rafael, 89 santa rosa, east bay shore, richmond 81, oakland 82, hayward record high temperatures, 82 concord, everybody around the monterey bay and inland record high temperatures are possible as you flirt with 90° in so many areas. tonight in the 50s and 60s, it will cool considerably as we head towards the overnight hours. northeast towards wednesday morning, you can see the rain moving in, cold air wraps in inland snow for wednesday evening. thursday, starts to taper by friday it is out of here, going to be breezy and wet
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again for those folks. here we are going to have temperatures the same tomorrow, 10° cooler wednesday, another 10° cooler thursday, 50s and 60s thursday to the weekend. >> back to brisbane north 101 "sig alert" now just left lane getting by, trucks slammed into each other caught on fire blocking light lanes, very slow traffic past the scene. traffic app, your waze app shows traffic bagging towards bay shore boulevard about a mile -- backing towards bay shore beautiful about a mile and a half back up. -- might want to avoid 101 for now until they get that cleaned out. download this free app on the app store and google play. 6:21. muni finds out who will be financially responsible for that bus damaged by out of control giants' fans.
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meet a man making it his
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some of the warmest temperatures in the country will be here in the bay area most of us a in the 80s, 70s and 80s at the coast during the afternoon. northeast into the great lakes, 40 to 50s there chilly in atlanta 63, 70s no and dallas, 92 if he -- novato and dallas.
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92 in -- dallas. -- >> in the east bay one-man homeless out reap is settling in after a long night visiting homeless camps with a friendly face and helping hand. doug stewart of martinez on his night patrol coming up. we first met doug a couple months back. what is coming up just ahead, we are going to have more on this story, flames rip through east bay strip mall overnight clue left at the scene that has investigators calling it suspicious. out of control fans caused
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$70,000 in damage to a muni bus following the world series win. now learn who is going to pick up the tab. day of giving to help victims of sandy. barbara walters and ben stiller among the famous faces answering the donation hotlines. good morning. this is a live shot of the bay bridge toll earlier stall at s of curve and tolls has things backed towards the maze, brisbane north 101 candlestick park "sig alert" left lane getting by with an accident update on all traff
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good monday morning.
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november 5th gorgeous shot of the bay area a little windy, going to be a a warm day. bright for 6:30 in the morning. >> it is because it was 7:30 in the morning saturday. >> we went back to standard time yesterday. hope you had a great weekend. did you get confused once? >> i got the extra hour of sleep that made up for everything. >> awesome. thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. good morning. clear conditions at least as far as radar returns no rain still have thick fog north bay valleys looks like it has improved napa three miles 10 novato, 3/4 santa rosa. highs today records everywhere possibly out at the coast throw upper 70s. mid 80s -- a few lower 80s around the bay lower to upper
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80s inland upper 80s north bay valleys where we have the fog.>" back to candlestick park area north 101 serious accident blocking right lane traffic back towards bay shore boulevard chp issued "sig alert", garbage truck slammed into a pick-up truck and that caught fire crews blocking lanes headed northbound. san jose southbound 101 multi-car accident in lane two. up the peninsula 380 to san francisco still 20 few minutes, 280 would be your best alternate. let's look at your -- waze app, slow headed north 101 into san francisco, 280 best alternate, you can download this app for free to help navigate around traffic jams on the app store and google play many metering lights on and traffic jammed back to the
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west grand overcrossing. >> that 101 drive into san francisco could be very tough we'll keep following that. new from contra costa looking into a suspicious fire at a strip mall in pleasant hill it started before midnight. crews say smoke was coming from the middle of the bidding when they arrived and sprinkler systems were activated. investigators found what appeared to be a molotov cocktail at the scene. at least three businesses suffered minor damage. the city of san francisco will have to pay out of its pocket to replace a $700,000 muni bus. that bus was set on fire after the world series win many the city's insurance policy does not cover -- torching of buses. the city had just spent $300,000 refurbishing that bus last year. tomorrow theí'cr-$@/á6x honor the bus driver for keeping
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calm. passengers told police they realized somethingy5wi7joq'  when they saw a crowd shaking cars all around them. while recovery efforts continue from center storm sandy another round of bad weather could threaten the progress. a nor'easter could hit the region as early as wednesday day. what is so tough about that it is going to bring coal temperatures, a lot people don't have power and heat. this morning commuters forced from cars by gas shortage all cramming on to transit that isn't ready. 80% of the power is back for the tate of new york, more wet and windy weather is predicted -- for wednesday. disney and abc are teaming up with the red crossed if for a day of giving for the folks still suffering in the aftermath of superstorm sandy. amy hollyfield joins us live from san francisco with how
6:33 am
you can help out. >> reporter: think about what your money can go toward. it will help buy supplies onboard these emergency vehicles. i'll show you a little what is on these trucks. snacks, meals, water, from these trucks. they've sent five from the bay area to the east coast to help. these drivers will drive around the area and look for someone who needs help. are you interested in volunteering? aaron is here with the red cross to explain the need for volunteers especially during a time when this. >> volunteers are always in need. if someone is interested in volunteering to learn how to drive an emergency response vehicle like the one we are in, they should con take their -- contact their local chapter and sign up to be a volunteer. >> reporter: if you call today you are not going to help hurricane sandy those people have already been trained. what do you need right now? >> we need cash.
6:34 am
that's what will help the most people with the variety of needs that are out there in the next few weeks. >> reporter: aaron, thank you. a little cash guess a long way. if you give $50 that will help -- one person get through an entire day, that's why abc is teaming up with the red cross and asking people to help the red cross needs help abc has made this a day of giving. if you can give anything, abc is encouraging you to help the red cross and do so. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. disney abc kicking off today's event with a two million dollar donation to the american red cross samsung matching your donation up to three million dollars you can help by texting abc to 90999 to give $10. you can also call the number on your screen: 1-800-help-now or go online to
6:35 am both candidates are on a final push through critical swing states. katie marzullo joins us with more on how they are spending their final hours. >> reporter: that final push roll ofs a lot of travel president obama will be in wisconsin and iowa his camp just tweeted people lined up in madison, wisconsin before dawn. mitt romney is holding events in florida, virginia and new hampshire all in addition to the battleground state of ohio. president obama and mitt romney will both be in columbus, today. the state has chosen the winner the last 12 presidential elections. yesterday the president was in florida, romney was in pennsylvania. >> if there is anyone who wonders whether better jobs and paychecks are a thing of the past. i have a clear and unequivocal message, with the right leadership america is about to come roaring back.
6:36 am
>> the president: it is a choice between a return to the top down policies that crashed our economy or the strong growing middle class-based policies that are getting us out of a crisis. >> reporter: the race is as close as it gets. newest poll shows president obama with just a one point lead over mitt romney. a poll from politico shows the two in a dead heat with 48% each. at least 30 million people have already voted in 34 states, in person or by mail, no votes will be counted until tomorrow. >> stay with abc7 news for complete election results tomorrow, we will be live throughout the evening with updates, real-time results on the moment the polls close at 8:00, live updates all night at and through twitter.
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in the east bay, one man homeless out reap is probably settling in after a long night, visiting hopeless camps with a friendly face and helping hand. you are about to meet doug stewart of martinez as we follow him on his night patrol. the white suv is on the move, 9:00 thursday night, doug stewart is on patrol. he's going to where the homeless live in central contra costa county, bringing a friendly face and items to make life in the streets a little easier. >> there is a daytime out reap team but as far as nights go, i'm the own one. >> reporter: it is a dangerous job it takes doug in tough areas. it is also rewarding. >> clean blanket my friend. >> this night takes him to concord where he hands out flies to -- supplies to several homeless people. >> pull people out of tents and bushes and say what do you
6:38 am
need? >> if no one else is doing this somebody has to. there has to be somebody here for these people in the middle of the night. . >> how did doug get started and why is he doing? much more on doug tonight at 6:00. what do his family and police think about it? all coming up at 6:00. he has been named man of the year. >> does he do weigh does as avoid or part after genesse? >> start -- started as avoid after several years of doing it a non-profit sort of blossomed around him. >> can't wait to hear more. traffic and weather together, next. >> live look outside golden gate bridge, sun coming up, going to be warm today, mike will have the full forecast sue will have traffic. on strike bay area grocery stores where shoppers wil
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welcome back. jet stream well north where the storm track is rounding this clockwise flow anti-cyclonic is what i was going to say, never mine. let's talk about around the monterey bay warmer 90s with a lot of asterisks there, record highs possible today, tomorrow, colder wednesday, colder and wet thursday. good news on brisbane area north 101 "sig alert" lifted, accident out of lanes. the traffic should begin recovering, still slow from bay shore boulevard into san francisco, if you you are headed out 280 might be better. san jose chp updating low -- direction to football 101 at
6:42 am
julian mckey, drive times -- up the peninsula into san francisco 101 highway 4 out of antioch. striking union workers targeting raley's, nob hill and bel air stores for what they argue are unfair labor practices the union represents 7,000 workers, this is the alameda store, workers are octobering to pay freezes and cuts in health benefits. the company responds it needs to lower operating costs to compete. still ahead, we check in with jane king. he's the new york city nan -- and she's the new york city nanny is accused of taking lives of two children she was hired to ca
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welcome back. let's check out live doppler 7 hd and all the doppler radars across california all showing the same thing, dry air, it is going to be warm everywhere today from 86 in big sur, low to mid 80s through the central valley, 64 tahoe, san diego 88 palm springs 94, better in los angeles warmer i should say 95°. 6:45. the nanny charged with stabbing to death two children she cared for in new york city told detectives she was fed up with being bossed around. 50-year-old ortega was interviewed by detectives saturday from her hospital bed she waived her right to have a lawyer. she told investigators she vented the family because she were always telling her -- she
6:46 am
resented the family because they were always telling her what to do. investigators in pennsylvania are still trying to determine whether a little boy died from falling into a zoo enclosure or being mauled by the wild dogs in that enclosure. the mother placed him on a railing so could see the african painted dogs the boy fell into the exhibit. the dogs attacked him after he plunged possibly 14 feet into their home. zoo employees managed to coast seven of the 11 dogs away from him, police shot and killed one of the dogs. today disney and abc are making today a day of giving to help victims of superstorm sandy. you can call 1-800-help-now to talk to them many you can also
6:47 am
text abc to 90999 and give $10. disney kicking things off with a two million dollar donation. samsung is matching your contributions up to three million dollars. joining in the effort, special message from anchor robin roberts on "good morning america" this morning she challenges viewers to save a life, just as her own sister stepped up to save her from blood cancer by making a bone marrow donation. her message is -- it is great to see robin doing so well. you talk we a powerful voice that is one you cannot ignore. >> no you can't. election day tomorrow and investors closely watching to see who wins. >> jane king joins us live. >> good morning. the holiday of course shopping season quickly approaching
6:48 am
pretty much already here consumer reports says a third of americans surveyed last month expect to be -- [ unintelligible ] 31% say they are going to be glum if their candidate loses the presidential election they expect the outcome to have some effect on holiday spending. 17% expect results will have a lot of impact on how much they spend. some economists says no matter which presidential candidate wins the economy is likely to continue to improve. this morning, stocks trading a little lower on this last day before presidential election. dow down 37, bloomberg index is higher, some drama with netflix. adopting a so-called poison pill this would protect it against a hostile take over,
6:49 am
the move designed to make a hostile takeover of netflix too expensive for an easy takeover. apple saying it sold three million ipad units, ipad minies and 4th generation ipads, saying demands of the smaller version outstrip supply. shares on the market slipped to 50% last quarter before the mini went on sale. i'm jane king, bloomberg news. lots of recovery efforts in northeast. >> they are worried about another storm, northeaster wednesday. >> exactly. cool temperatures, snow, absolutely all coming their way. i'll map it out in this forecast, first our weather. we'll talk about breezy on mount tamalpais, as you look towards the bay it is a little calmer as that's why we have a little fog developing in north bay valleys, watch out for that. live doppler, hardly a cloud
6:50 am
out there, can't have any rain, in fact we are showing how dry it is, both radars top and bottom, scanning over the bay area now, temperatures still in the 40s around fairfield and santa rosa, rest of us in the 50s warm spot fremont, san francisco, half moon bay 60 to 61. santa cruz 63, mid 50s watsonville and monterey, 46 gilroy. record highs today and tomorrow. clear and comfortable at night, good key to this forecast, cooler wednesday, cooler and wet thursday, lingering showers and still cool friday. today, every one of these cities has an asterisk for high temperatures, record high from 12° warmer in san jose to santa rosa 20° warmer than average.
6:51 am
near 80 along the coast, 81 downtown san francisco, 84 in san rafael, 89 in santa rosa, record high temperatures today, east bay shore, richmond 81. concord at about 82°, monterey bay, 84, 90 at santa cruz watsonville inland to hollister, 89 gilroy and salinas all record highs. back home tonight 50s and 60s with a little fog possible in the north bay valleys. east coast 7:00 tomorrow evening nor'easter just getting rammed up, by 7:00 wednesday morning, -- ramped up, by 7:00, wednesday morning, rain along the barrier areas, turn as into snow as the sun sets wednesday evening to thursday morning, warmer air wraps in, turns back to rain
6:52 am
ends thursday evening. it going to be a tough 24 hours to 36 hours for those folks. at home, we are going to do it again tomorrow two days of record warmth, temperatures drop nearly 20° with rain thursday, showers friday, cooler than average, saturday, sunday. good morning. problem spot this morning, cleared out of lanes, "sig alert" lifted north 101 candlestick brisbane accident again for 20 minutes traffic starting to improve speeds to 40 miles an hour headed northbound. we have other problems in san francisco, slow at the bay bridge off the bay bridge here's a live look at san mateo bridge right now it is moving nicely no problems westbound towards foster city, [)n morning out there hope to keep that it way. shreubgs:15 -- >> five things to know before
6:53 am
you go
6:54 am
. unis up, live view of coit tower, -- warm-up in a second right now. five things to know before you go. number one, final campaign push before tomorrow's presidential election. president obama will be visiting wisconsin, iowa and ohio today before returning home to chicago tonight. mitt romney will be in ohio as well as florida, virginia and new hampshire before heading hoping -- home to boston. >> number two, several rescued off the coast of marin recovering from mild hypothermia after their boat overturned. five people, including two children were rescued. two more children were rescued
6:55 am
after being cut out of the hull. everyone should be okay. >> number three, city of san francisco is on the hook to replace a $700,000 muni bus. the bus was set on fire after the world series win. the city's insurance policy does not cover torched buses. >> number four, 7,000 grocery store workers on strike this morning. replacement workers have been brought in. no word on when talks might resume. >> number five, today is the american red cross abc day of giving for victims of superstorm sandy you are being invited to donate what you can. i just did the texting thing that is an automatic $10 they send a message back asking to you confirm and you type in
6:56 am
yes. >> the amount helps if you can spare some money. >> let's check in with mike. good morning. before you step out, dry out there, live doppler picking up a little fog, in the north bay valleys, three mile visibility napa, 10 miles novato improvement, 3/4 still at santa rosa, through the afternoon hours we'll be near 80 along the coast, low to mid 80s around the bay, low to upper 80s inland. be surprised if your car thermometer in the north bay valleys, touches 90 today. here's sue with traffic. bay bridge toll metering lights on traffic bagging towards the macarthur maze sluggish upper deck into san francisco, san rafael southbound 101 past freitas parkway moving nicely waldo grade into the golden gate bridge. that is your waze app bay
6:57 am
shore freeway earlier accident cleared traffic still slow from bay shore boulevard heading northbound. that's it for this edition of the abc7 morning news. we are going to continue in 25 minutes with news, weather and traffic during "good morning america". >> we are always on at
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